why we're different


YAZD city, at the center of Iran, benefiting from advantages and unique potentials, has played a significant role in the history of Persian civilization. The cultural & historical records, high rate of  literacy, strong human resource potentials, high volume of academic and  research activities, tourism attractions, active mines and industries as the greatest economic

section of the province, being located at the connective road between north and south as well as east and west cross-section and climate diversity  are among YAZD  main advantages.


Daryoush Por Sarajian

Chief Executive Officer

Our team’s skill base covers industry groups as diverse as engineering, property, healthcare and technology as well as the fields of economics, research and biochemistry. Each brings a unique skill set and perspective to Endeavour’s relationships.


Mohmmad khamesi

Executive Officer

This broad experience has provided him with an in depth knowledge and critical understanding of the diverse business leadership structures and processes which have been used in order to manage,


Taghi Farhangnia

CEO Roshd Center

Taghi has lived and worked as Chairman, Managing Director and CEO for a number of private and public sector companies and has extensive governance experience.v


Mohmmad Ghavidel

International Speaker

A senior manager with an extensive background in economic and business development, central government and international trade. Built strong relationships across all sectors,




we believe that a broad range of skills – the ability to think strategically, analytically, creatively, and critically, is not only useful, but necessary, for grappling with 21st Century challenges. We’ve compiled a collection of very practical techniques for building a deeper understanding of complex issues and thinking more strategically about them. Together they provide provide a systematic but flexible, rigorous, adaptive and design-oriented approach for grappling with a complex