Launching the empowerment and facilitating business start-ups of ICT center in YSTP
At the meeting of a memorandum of understanding for business development and sustainable employment programs in the ICT industry, license Activity of the empowerment and facilitating business start-ups of ICT center of Yazd signed by the head of Information Technology Organization of Iran, the governor of Yazd and president of the Yazd Science and Technology which was allocated amount of five hundred million dollars to park Yazd Science and Technology to Launching the center.
According to the park’s public relations office, Identification of all activists and entrepreneurs’ province and synergistic interaction between members of the entrepreneurial environment of province, Identification ,aggregation and allocation of resources for education, development and growth of new local businesses, including the objectives of launching the center.
Attract and support businesses to invest and allocate resources to the development of new local businesses, Facilitate the creation and growth of new local businesses to preserve the human capital of the province will be the other goals of this center.
Supporting entrepreneurship events in the province by providing the necessary facilities (physical space and coaches and communication infrastructure) from resources province, Offering expert advice, establishment and development of business to technical and legal applications, recording and reporting the current status and trends of local new businesses grow, preparing and sending a report on the activities of the provincial unit for the central part of the center on a monthly basis are the other tasks of this center.
It should be mentioned that President of the Yazd Science and Technology Park, representative of the governor, General Director of ICT of the province, two faculty members, two representative of computer trade organization Province, representative o incubators,the representative of Ministry Labor and Social welfare,representative of the Industry, Mine and Trade organization of the Province are the members of the Steering Committee of the empowerment and facilitating business start-ups of ICT center.

  • July 22, 2018