Meeting of vice president of science and technology with selected technology-based companies of YSTP was held on Saturday, December 30th of 2017.

According to the park’s public relations office, Vice President of Science and Technology of Presidency, Sorena Sattari, the president of Yazd Science and Technology Park, Dariush Poorsarajian, Head of Yazd University, Mohammad Saleh Owlia, Governor of Yazd, Mahmud Zamani Ghomi, Vice President of Innovation and Technology Commercialization of Presidency, Mahmud Sheikh Zeynoddin, Deputy Governor of Economic Coordination and Resource Development of Yazd Governorate, Ali Zeyni Vand, and a group of selected YSTP companies participated in this meeting.

At the meeting, firstly, selected companies introducing their enterprises endeavored to state their issues and concerns. Having been concluded companies’ representatives’ lectures, Vice President of Science and Technology of presidency commenced his speech.

Sorena Sattari pointed to knowledge-based companies’ presence in the field of product distribution as a felicitous incident and expressed that administrative bureaucracy and financing system are two major issues restraining knowledge-based companies and technology-based enterprises, required to be highly considered and resolved.

Head of the National Elite Foundation, pointing to the need to support technology-based companies, stated: “Reducing costs and utilizing the technology of the world into the industry is a bilateral advantage of startups and modern businesses.”

The Vice President of Science and Technology of Presidency has called upon the investors to develop new technologies as one of the most significant ways to provide more and better services and said that funds supporting science and technology are encountered restricted facilities and exploiting the investors’ potential is obviously the best way for knowledge-based companies to be successful.

It worth mentioning that Vice President of Science and Technology of presidency visited various sections of Yazd Science and Technology Park by the end of the meeting.

  • July 21, 2018