Remarks of the president of Yazd Science and Technology Park in ATF informative-analytical periodical

Science and Technology Parks: propellant model of Resistance Economy

Analyzing the history and context of formation of Science and Technology Parks around the world, we will see that most of them grew in special historical and social contexts, influenced by consequences of war and economic downturn. The prevalence of these parks and propagation of a culture of knowledge-based innovation and business is a solution to resolve such problems and answer the social call for overcoming recession. When all economic analyses and their laws fall short of providing an answer for the need to change, it is science and university that extend a helping hand toward the society. The first contemporary science and technology park was established in Silicon Valley, when the United States was experiencing a recession, due to the expenses of World War II and failure of its economic theories, and opted for a scientific approach, aiming for a sustainable economy; and its outcome emerged years later in form of a sustainable economy and giant tech companies.

Rab’-e Rashidi, the city of science and technology that was built by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, the resourceful Iranian minister, is another example of the alchemy of science, which helped the reconstruction and progress of Iran after the Mongol invasion; where aggregating scientific, technological, social, and religious capacities and advancing them paved the way for development of Iran.

Science and technology parks, these modern structures of global economy that facilitate the process of attraction, admission, and establishment of knowledge-based companies, promote the innovation culture, and complete the chain of transforming ideas into products, can play a unique role in today’s economy; according to which, focusing on knowledge and the relationship between universities and industries are key factors in economy.

Using the ideas of the elite and scientists and commercialization of the ideas is a good model for reinforcement of the economy based on intangible assets of the nation. Creating wealth based on the unlimited resources of science and thought and their resulting social value added can buttress the economic bases of the country.

Natural resources are subject to certain limitations and they will eventually run out. Whereas, Knowledge knows no bound and is therefore defined as the most fundamental principle of economy.

Using proper interactions and international communications, one can take great advantage of this unlimited resource. The international role of these parks in facilitating this scientific exchange and linking scientific economies to the global economy is of high importance. Therefore, through knowledge-based economy it is possible to use local and national capacities, and connect to the global economy to benefit from its capacities without having to suffer the consequences of traditional economies.

It can be argued that the most important role of Tech Parks is creating a regional balance and a synergy in order to mobilize the resources, with the focus on science, knowledge, and innovation.

With numerous innovative and educated youth, universities, and research centers that promote science and knowledge, Iran enjoys a high potential for development of a knowledge-based economy. The scientific growth rate and ranking of experts does hold a potential value, however, their true value will be revealed when they are used to satisfy the needs of the country, advance science and technology, and create wealth. Taking into account all opportunities and threats, these tech parks and centers were established with the hope of attaining the said goals, and creating a healthy environment for business activities of the younger generation and graduates; which, despite their fledgling status, have scored well.

Supporting these centers can be an important step for independence and honor of the country. A new mode of diplomacy, namely tech diplomacy, has been formed in order to represent another aspect of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the region and the world, which, aside from securing the needed resources, can be introduced as a component of the scientific-technological and economic power of a country.

                                                                   Dariush Poorserajian

                                         The president of Yazd Science and Technology Park

  • July 22, 2018