Supporting the country’s Air Force is a top priority for the Science and Technology Theme Park of Yazd

Dariush Poursarajian stated in an interview with the PR of the Science and Technology Theme Park of Yazd that aviation and aerospace technologies are of the top strategic priorities of the theme park.

Mentioning the steps taken in this direction so far, he added that aviation industry is one of the key industries of the country and developments in this field leads to developments in all the other connected industries and the support and acknowledgement provided by the theme park will be for the benefit of aviation technology companies as there will be more employment opportunities for the existing companies and it will be one of the factors in developing the country’s aviation industry.

The chairman of the theme park said that Aerospace and Aviation envelopes a wide range of industries such as parts manufacturing, industrial design, navigation, telecommunications, electronics, Information and Communication Technology and etc and the Science and Technology Theme Park of Yazd can meet all these need, relying on the expertise and capabilities of the companies it is working with.

Mentioning the recent legislation by the Headquarter of Technological Development, Aerospace and Aviation Industry and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Poursarajian said the Science and Technology Theme Park of Yazd has been chosen as the center for the country’s airport equipment which is a great opportunity for investment by the companies that are in the business. He added that the 30-million-euro contract that bought the aviation technology of manufacturing 2-8 passenger aircrafts from one the companies in the park is a great opportunity for development and progress in the aviation industry and expressed his hope to see this aircraft produced in Yazd province within 2 years.

  • July 22, 2018