YAZD city, at the center of Iran, benefiting from advantages and unique potentials, has played a significant role in the history of Persian civilization. The cultural & historical records, high rate of  literacy, strong human resource potentials, high volume of academic and  research activities, tourism attractions, active mines and industries as the greatest economic.


section of the province, being located at the connective road between north and south as well as east and west cross-section and climate diversity  are among YAZD  main advantages.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Yazd Science and Technology Park aims at creating value for its customers through capable human resources, a reliable brand, and an advanced infrastructure. Relying on its comparative regional advantages, it seeks to develop and commercialize national and international technologies by means of fostering innovation, facilitating knowledge transfer among technological institutes, markets, universities, and the community.
From creating job opportunities within communities, to reshaping the corporate understanding of urban areas, our work raises awareness, enhances social value and increases the economic strength of those we serve.


    Talent Your team is the key to your success. We help you recruit, develop, and retain the best talents.
    Investment The answer to “how should I raise funds” is not an easy one, but we have it covered.
    Legal We provide legal services to startups assisting them to navigate complex laws and regulations.
    Technology Innovation in technology is essential to your growth. You can count on our guidance.
    Accountability We hold ourselves accountable as our community looks to us to be accountable to them
    Excellence We strive continuously to improve and manifest our mission to the communities we serve.
    Over Deliver We take pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do to the point that we go the extra mile.
    Empowerment Our work increases the social and economic strength of individuals and communities.