Yazd Science and Technology Park has started its work in 2001 in four fields of technology (biotechnology, information technology, textile and new energies) and over time, based on the needs of the province and temporal and spatial requirements, its activities in some areas. Because it has developed nanotechnology, ceramic tiles, water and soft technologies. Given the effective role of science and technology parks in the development of science and technology, job creation, commercialization of scientific research and innovative ideas at the community level, the need for a macro and strategic approach to plan future activities and plans is inevitable.

  • 2001 - Establishment of Yazd Science and Technology Park
  • 2004 - Reconstruction of Iqbal Center and its restoration
  • 2005 - The first establishment in the park
  • 2010 - Completion of ICT Development Center with 2570 square meters of infrastructure
  • 2013 - Completion of the design of the location of technology companies, office building, 4 biotechnology laboratories, 3 conference halls, lobbies, shops and arrangements
  • 2014- Achieving the top provincial rank by the Energy Management Supervision Committee of office buildings