Yazd Science and Technology Park as the second largest science and technology park in the country commenced on August 11, 2001by obtaining necessary permissions from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran, in historical city of Yazd, with the vision “To become a scientific and technological pole in the region” and developed it into new approach “to be a pioneer and supporter park in international arena” .With the specified fields of Information Technology, Biotechnology, and New Energy, Yazd Science and Technology Park started its activities with its specialists then promoted it with new fields such as Nano- technology, New Materials and Soft Technologies in response to society needs. In order to reach its worthy goals YSTP has developed appropriate infrastructure and advanced services. YSTP professional team has also planned innovative technological structures and succeeded in initiating and fostering more than 1100 start ups and SMEs in a 28,000 square meter space and 70 hectares (Master Plan). YSTP master plan with the motto of “The cradle of universal interaction and development of Iranian Technology on the Silk Road Drift” is one of the key projects of technology development in Iran which is going to be a hub for international and national companies.
Eghbal Techno Center, a coherent set of infrastructure in the heart of the city which was chosen as the head quarter of YSTP, is the most beautiful techno-center of Iran to support knowledge-based companies. It is also a symbol of entrepreneurship and modernity in Yazd province, which was founded in 1933, and nowadays has been registered as a national heritage of Iran. The complex has been renovated and redecorated since 2005.
Currently more than 331 knowledge based companies are supported in different incubators and techno-centers. During these years, YSTP has tried to preserve its position in the national and international arena and promote its services by innovative and technical methods.


  • 2001 - Establishment of Yazd Science and Technology Park
  • 2004 - Reconstruction of Iqbal Center and its restoration
  • 2005 - The first establishment in the park
  • 2010 - Completion of ICT Development Center with 2570 square meters of infrastructure
  • 2013 - Completion of the design of the location of technology companies, office building, 4 biotechnology laboratories, 3 conference halls, lobbies, shops and arrangements
  • 2014- Achieving the top provincial rank by the Energy Management Supervision Committee of office buildings