Call Announcement for the New Phase of the Comprehensive Plan’s Land Transfer in the Near Future

Hossein Rahimi, Director of Civil Works of Yazd Science and Technology Park, announced the call for the third phase of the comprehensive plan’s land transfer in the near future and said: “According to the ‘Regulations of long-term lease of land in science and technology parks’ announced by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the remaining parts of the 20-hectare phase will be priced and the call for the third phase of land transfer will be published soon.” He added: “According to the land construction regulations of the comprehensive campus of the park, after concluding a long-term lease agreement with the park, the companies will introduce their designer in accordance with the construction criteria approved by the provincial infrastructure committee and prepare an architectural and executive plan.” After obtaining the confirmation of the park civil works committee and the approval of the architectural plan, these companies will start
their construction operations based on the obtained licenses.

Rahimi stated: “After the approval of the comprehensive campus plan of the park in the infrastructure committee and the provincial planning council and the governor’s emphasis on resolving the legal, financial and executive problems of the plan, the executive phases have accelerated and the groundwork for obtaining a construction permit in these lands has been laid. He said: “Considering the progress of about 80% of waste disposal, leveling, road laying and construction and curb laying of the initial phase of the comprehensive plan (initial 20 hectares) and the supply of 249 KW of electricity and 1-inch temporary water of the comprehensive campus, it is possible for technology companies to start the construction.”
The Director of civil works of Yazd Science and Technology Park added: “In order to compensate the workshop spaces and technology pilot, the construction of a semi-industrial shed complex of the park’s comprehensive campus with an area of 2347 square meters in the form of seven sheds with various areas is on the agenda, therefore using the provided budget, the steel structure of the complex is completed and the project will have 50% physical progress.”

While appreciating the cooperation of the Yazd Province Gas Company in the project of the comprehensive plan of Yazd Science and Technology Park, he said: “Fortunately, with the help and cooperation of that company, the construction of the gas pressure reduction station of the complex has been completed
and the main pipeline construction stage will begin soon.”

Leili Aghaei, an expert in the Office of Technology and Diagnostic Services of Yazd Science and Technology Park, also announced the acceptance of a total of 22 companies in the comprehensive plan lands during the first and second calls until the end of last year.
“A total of 39 pieces unconditionally and 7 pieces for the future plans of the accepted companies for three years from the date of their acceptance have been frozen,” pointed out the expert of Technology and Diagnostic Services Office. Aghaei, referring to the announcement of a new call for land transfer in the near future,
continued: “All post-growth companies based in the park, qualified knowledge-based companies, engineering services or manufacturing technology companies, research and development units of the industries and governmental and non-governmental organizations, research and technology units licensed by relevant ministries, technology development centers, startup accelerators and private business incubators have the opportunity to participate in the new call.”

Stating that all companies applying to participate in the call must have the acceptance of the post-growth stage of Yazd Science and Technology Park, she said: “In this call, among the applicants who have completed the file and submitted a request to the Park Technology and Diagnostic Services Unit, after the technical and financial evaluation of the park and approval in the admission meeting, they will join the companies accepted in the comprehensive plan.” However, in the meeting held on Monday, September 13, in order to follow up the issues of the comprehensive plan based on the provisions of the recent order of the Governor of Yazd, the Head of Yazd Science and Technology Park, the Governor and the Director General of roads and urban development, they examined the development plans of the Science and Technology Park and issues such as the exclusion of 67 hectares of land belonging to the park from the Special Economic Zone and the acceleration of obtaining a permit under Article 23 of this plan.