Export of DPNA Company’s Software Abroad

Dade Pardazan Nasle Aftab (DPNA) Group, with private sector investment, started its activities in the field of information technology and software production in 2007.

By several years of gaining experience, Derayat Pouyan Nasle Aftab Co. was registered in 2016 and introduced officially as DPNA company.

The services and products of this company include the national and local project of the programmer compiler, the supervisory system of the football league organization, the integrated Football Yar system, the Almas accounting software, special for fruit and vegetable markets, the cultural and artistic software in collaboration with the artistic field of Yazd province as well as the software for setting the weekly program of universities and schools which is called “Boostan”.

The President and Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation of Yazd Park, along with the Director of the Information and Communications Technology Campus of the park, visited the company on January 7, 2021 and were closely acquainted with its activities and business.

Masoud Zare, CEO of DPNA, in this meeting, considered “Boostan” system as the main product of the company and said: ” Considering that the main target market of this product is universities, which are like the science and technology parks under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, we ask the park officials to help us to negotiate with the universities of the province to use this software.”

Referring to the export of DPNA’s software to foreign countries, he remarked: “Considering the forces we have abroad, we were able to carry out several projects in different countries.”

“In order to do this job more coherently, we need financial support to provide software and hardware infrastructure,” Zare added.

The following issues were discussed during the visit:
– Utilizing the potential of the park companies to carry out projects
– Park support in creating cooperation opportunities with the universities of the province
– Providing the opportunity to hold a joint meeting with the officials of the province’s universities by the park