Increasing the harvest of agricultural lands through the crop monitoring system of Giti Gostar Company

In this meeting, Tabandeh Roozbehi, CEO of Giti-Gostar company said: “This system is designed as a mobile application and contains information about companies located in YSTP.
He pointed out that visitors to the YSTP can easily access the member company’s information or a specific product through this system.

During the meeting they discuss:

– Expanding the client honoring system and turning it into an interactive portal between companies and the park headquarters complex

– The use of new technologies in the system, to reduce face-to-face visits to the park headquarters

– Cooperation of Yazd Park to obtain information about the products of huge agricultural lands of the province from Jihad Keshavarzi and other organs

– The need to connect the client honoring system to the Wanda system