Introducing Iqbal Zone in the meeting of YSTP with CEOs of established companies

Investigating the cooperation strategies of YSTP and the governorate in solving the priority issues of Yazd city.
In this meeting, the cooperation strategies of YSTP and the governorate in solving some priority issues of Yazd such as sewage, brick kilns, and knowledge-based companies were reviewed.

this is the titles which discuss in this meeting:

– Negotiating to finance the brick industry project with the Program and Budget Organization
– Holding a joint meeting with the Director-General of Environment and TSTP regarding the National Environment Fund
– Examining the possibility of allocating ten percent of the budget each year based on the level of participation of departments in solving priority issues
– Following up the approvals of the comprehensive plan in a meeting with a member of parliament
– Coordination between different stakeholders to advance the Iqbal area
– Operational coherence in carrying out urban regeneration projects, based on the Iqbal Zone mission
– Government support for Yazd Science and Technology Park
– Investigating the possibility of allocating funds to the Science and Technology Park
– Cooperation in advancing the modernization project of the brick industry and the project of improving the sewage situation