Multifunctional Road Construction Machines of Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Company on the Way to Export

Mehdi Askar Shahi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Co., said: “Our company has been able to produce a road construction machine that does several works at the same time.”

According to the public relations of Yazd Science and Technology Park, Mehdi Askar Shahi, who was the red carpet guest of the “Va Amma Emshab” TV program on Saturday, Sep. 18, 2021, stated: “This product has been able to receive knowledge-based confirmation and Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Co. is its exclusive producer and seller in the country.”

Askarshahi, stating that Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Co. is active in the field of production of road construction, agricultural, civil engineering and mining machinery, said: “According to field research in 2013, as sanctions and even war conditions escalated, we realized the need for a multifunctional road construction product that could do the work of several machines simultaneously.”

He went on: “Studies have shown that multifunctional machines are the best selling products in Europe and North America, and therefore we were able to produce a prototype by reviewing at least 10 similar products and feedback we received from the operators of these machines within two years.”

Askarshahi, stating that four hundred of these samples were imported into the country annually at a cost of nearly ten million dollars, pointed out: “Sanctions and restrictions imposed on the import of products gave us a good opportunity to produce these machines by localizing many parts.”

He announced eight products of this company and said: “Two mini-loaders with a capacity of 4 tons and several excavators are among these products, and the technology transfer of new excavators is also underway from several foreign companies.”

“This company, which initially started its work with two people, now has employed 100 people directly. It also has about twenty two active agencies in different cities of the country that do sales work,” Askar Shahi remarked.

Referring to the support of Yazd Science and Technology Park for the export of products of Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Co., he said: “For this purpose, we are negotiating with several countries and Yazd Science and Technology Park has made good consultations and investments in this field and the export corridor of the park has also helped us.”

Askarshahi stated: “Due to the need of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria for post war reconstruction and the old texture of these countries, our small and multifunctional machines have a good market in these countries.”

With regard to the fact that this industry does not need water, the CEO of Yeganeh Parseh Kavir Co. added: “Due to the problem of water shortage in the province, the future of Yazd will depend on such industries.”

Referring to the synergy of Yeganeh Tejarat Parseh Co. with companies in the province and outsourcing most of the company’s activities to them, he said: “Because the parts we need are similar to the parts of the automotive industry, we have received help from many companies inside Yazd Science and Technology Park.”

Askarshahi remarked: “In our future planning, we want to have a complete product portfolio with about 25 types of products, so that there is no need to import any kind of road construction and civil engineering machinery in the country.”

“Our current products ultimately have a capacity of seven and eight tons, mostly used for urban processes; however, in our research and development projects, we are considering larger projects with more capacity,” He added.