Opening of the Latest Technologies Exhibition of Yazd Science and Technology Park Companies in the Presence of the Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

After attending Yazd Science and Technology Park, Dr. Khair al-Din, Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation, inaugurated and visited the exhibition of latest achievements of companies located in the Park, in the first phase of his one-day trip to Yazd province on Tuesday, January 19th, 2022.

According to the public relations of Yazd Science and Technology Park, in this exhibition, 16 companies introduced samples of knowledge-based products (prototypes) as well as new technologies that they have designed and put into production in recent months, in the presence of the Deputy Minister.
Being accompanied by the President of Yazd University, the Deputy Governor for Management and Resources Development, the Governor of the Provincial Center and the Director of Yazd Science and Technology Park, Dr. Khair al-Din expressed his satisfaction with the technological efforts of the companies located in the park. “With the support of the strict recommendations of the Supreme Leader and the central vision of the Ministry, we will witness the expansion of the spirit of innovation and the formation of technological networks in Yazd province,” he pointed out.
The most important parts of this exhibition are as follows:
• Hydraulic Pusher for Steel Induction Furnaces of Hydram Co.
• Biological Inputs (Fertilizers and Toxins) of Lotus Sanat Farda Dynamic Knowledge and Technology Co.
• Barman Industrial Robot of Barman Afzar Fidar Co.
• Talatom Desk Game of Javid Negah Ariaei Co.
• Rivaroxaban of Shafi Daroo Negin Isatis knowledge-based Co.
• Cash Exchange Platform in the Field of Cosmetics and Food of Pooyesh Dadeh Bazargan Vira Co. (Celine)
• Quinoa Products of Farasoodmand Reyhan Industrial Food Co.
• Nano Poly Zinc Silicate, Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Copper Oxide Nanoparticles of Behin Nanoparticles Pars Co.
• Comprehensive Industrial System of Virtual Accelerator for Construction, Research and Training of Vira Sanat Amirkabir Iranian Co.
• Design, Implementation and Management of Industrial Systems of Hoshyar Derayat Rahvar Machine Co.
• Car Audio-Video System and HVAC of the Teyf Zamin Co.
• Smart Scooter, Smart Home, and Smart Hospital of Fararefa Parsian Co.
• Capacitance Level Switch and Capacitance Level Indicator of Adak Sanjesh Co.
• Electric Actuator of Arad Sanat Co.
• Assignment Management System and Land Supervision of Kobra Samaneh Co.
• Automatic Recirculation Valve of Modiran Energy Co.
• Biochemical Identification of Microorganisms kits of Tissa Gene Zist Co.

During this visit, Dr. Khair al-Din talked with the CEOs of the above companies and was informed about their activities as well as their issues and problems.