Unveiling of the Stemming Device for Explosive Charges of Padra Madan Mining and Industrial Co. in the Presence of the Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition of the latest achievements of YSTP companies in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the stemming device for explosive charges of Padra Mining Iranian Co. was unveiled.

According to the Public Relations of Yazd Science and Technology Park, this device is actually a moving factory with four tanks, depending on the type of mine, explosives are poured in each of these tanks and placed in explosive holes.
The all-steel Stemming device for explosive charges has all the standards of explosion-proof and is produced at half the price of its foreign counterpart.

According to the officials of Padra Mining Company, the research and development (R&D) of this product took a year and a half and its construction and commissioning took 9 months. It is noted that 30 people in the form of business team, mechanical design, hydraulics, instrumentation, manufacturing, accounting and Planning have worked on this device.
The annual production capacity of this device is currently about 10 devices and will save $5 million in foreign exchange per device for the country. Also, by producing this number of products, jobs will be created for 250 people directly in Yazd province and 150 people indirectly.


It is worth mentioning that the import of this device was not possible due to domestic sanctions and bans. Therefore, Padra Iranian Mining Company was able to obtain the necessary licenses for its production from Parchin Chemical Industries, which is a branch of Iran’s Defense Industries Organization (DIO) and is considered as the licensing authority for this product.