Yazd Science and Technology Park, 17 years of activities, proud of the past, hopeful of the future

Ahead of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Darioush Pourserajian, director of Yazd Science and Technology Park, provided a glance at the history of this science and technology body and its activities over the past 17 years in a note:

Science and technology parks and incubators, which date back to 20 years ago in Iran, are considered one of the driving factors behind the knowledge-based economy and resistance economy and are among the most important achievements of the Islamic Revolution. The idea of establishing science and technology parks was mooted in 1988/89 by a number of scientific elites from Yazd and was put on the agenda of the province’s senior managers. After discussions and initial studies, the permit for the first technology park in the country was eventually granted to Yazd Province in 2001/02 along with a permit for Pardis Park by the Higher Education Development Council.

Yazd Science and Technology Park initially began its activities as a link connecting universities and industries and then established itself as an accelerator and the driving engine of the province’s technology and innovation development.


“The firsts in Yazd Science and Technology Park”

Many of the “firsts” in the country’s science and technology parks have taken place in the Yazd park, and the establishment of this body is considered a milestone in the creation of the technology ecosystem in the country.

The creation of the first provincial incubator in the country with the aim of helping scientific elites in less developed regions gain access to available resources and promoting scientific and technological justice in Abarkooh, creating the country’s first research and technology fund, the first incubator in the field of human sciences, the first innovation center, the first technology development centers, and promotion of concepts such as technology campus and socialization of technology are all what this body can be credited for.

Proper promotion and management of the field of technology and innovation with “Life With a Taste of Iranian Technology” motto

Contribution to formation of more than 860 tech companies during 17 years of continuous activities and expansion of provincial incubators and university cooperation centers as well as provision of support to 260 tech and knowledge-based institutions are among this young entity’s achievements.

With the “Life With a Taste of Iranian Technology” motto, Yazd Science and Technology Park is trying to play a considerable role in the all-out and balanced development of the country and the province through proper promotion and management of the field of technology and innovation