YSTP-Techno Park Partnership to Serve as a Strong Platform for Future Iran-Georgia Collaboration

During a meeting held between a delegation from Iran’s YSTP and the Georgia Science and Technology Park in Georgia, collaboration opportunities were discussed. Present in the meeting were YSTP chairman Darioush Pourserajian, Deputy Director for Management Development and Fundraising Daliri from the Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology, Mostafa Karimian Eqbal, and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Science and Technology Park chairman Pirali and Deputy Director of Economics of the Iranian Embassy in Georgia.

YSTP Public Relations reports, YSTP chairman Darious Pourserajian pointed out previous successful experiences of collaboration between YSTP and Georgia and discussed YSTP’s capacities to collaborate with its Georgian counterpart, inviting Georgian companies, investors and Science and Technology Park to hold the third meeting in Yazd in February next year.

Later on, Mostafa Karimian Eqbal emphasized the potentials of Iranian technological and knowledge-based for international collaboration, expressing satisfaction with the presented opportunity.

He also pointed out the architectural potentials of Yazd, suggesting that their Georgian counterpart avail themselves of the opportunity to recover Yazd’s decrepit environment.