PooyanPishro software group started its activity in the field of software production in 2004.

Currently, this company cooperates with a group of experts in the field of software production.

This company has a knowledge-based license from the center of knowledge-based companies.


Fields of activity of the company

1- Design and production of software

2- After sales services


General goals of the company:

1- Creating a specialized field in software design

2- Earning money and reaching more markets


Company units:

1- Management

Head: Ali RafieeFard

Email: CEO@PooyanSystem.Com

2- Software production

Head: Sajjd Arash

3- Services

Head: Taher Molaei

Email: Support@PooyanSystem.Com

4- Analysis and design

5- Administrative unit

Head: Nazila Shamsizadeh

Email: Public@PooyanSystem.Com

6- Sales and market research

Head: Hamideh Shabanpoor

Email: Sales@PooyanSystem.Com


Honors obtained:

1- Winning the title of the best IT unit from the House of Industry, Mining and Trade of Yazd province

2- Obtaining the rank of the best research company in Yazd province

3- Obtaining the grade of the best technology company in Yazd province

4- Obtaining the grade A from Yazd Science and Technology Park



1- Technical engineering license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade

2- Operating license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade

3- License from the Supreme Council of Informatics

4- Technology license from the Science and Technology Park

5- License from the Trade Union Organization of the country