National call for land transfer for phase one of the new YSTP campus

Call description:

Due to the request of technology and knowledge-based companies and research and development units for membership and establishment in the comprehensive plan of Yazd Science and Technology Park, this park announces a call for acceptance, so that limited parts as the first phase of the comprehensive plan of Science Park And Yazd Technology, in the evaluation of applicants to the most suitable of them to be assigned a 99-year lease.

Admission requirements

Applicants for admission to the comprehensive plan of the park can be from any of the following groups:

All post-development companies located in the park
Qualified knowledge-based companies
Engineering services or technology production companies
Industrial and non-governmental research and development units and organizations and companies
Research and technology units licensed by relevant ministries
Technology Development Centers
Accelerators and private growth centers
The allowed deadline for the construction of the building, the establishment and operation of the constructed knowledge space will be 27 months.

Due to the limited land remaining in the master plan and the high number of applicants, the selection of eligible companies will be competitive and from among all applicants within the time frame by observing the following criteria:

Technology criteria:

Be at the first or second level of evaluation of the park technology level.
The minimum value of technology belongs to the company 40 billion.
At least 50% of the sales of the latest declaration is related to the accepted technologies.
Financial criteria:

The minimum average sales amount in the three years leading up to the last declaration is 20 billion rials.
On average, at least 10 people insured by the company are present in the last three years leading up to the evaluation.
The minimum registered capital of the company is 10 billion Rials.
The admission of institutions in the comprehensive plan of the park is subject to obtaining the quorum in at least two criteria of technology criteria and two criteria of financial criteria.

These lands have been leased for 99 years and any transfer to others must be done with the coordination and approval of the park.

The process of reviewing the application for acceptance and concluding the contract

Applicants for admission in the comprehensive plan of Yazd Science and Technology Park, it is necessary from 15/08/2020 to 05/09/2020 while completing the application form to send and complete the required documents. In the following, the technical and financial evaluation of the applicants for accommodation in the park will be done. In the last stage, the process of concluding a land transfer contract to the companies approved by the park acceptance committee will be done. It is worth mentioning that, due to the limitation of transferable parts, in addition to the set criteria, the registration time and the completeness of the submitted documents will also be effective in determining the priority of selecting the part and concluding a contract with the applicants.

For more information and to follow up on the submitted applications, interested parties can call 37260105-035 and submit the application form and files related to the registration documents during office hours to the address: Yazd – Motahhari St. – Yazd Science and Technology Park ( Iqbal Technology Center) – Comprehensive Building of Growth Centers – First Floor – Technology Services and Troubleshooting Office of the park.