The second joint technology event between Iran and Georgia

In the field of health and sanitation, medical products, agriculture and equipment related to food products, electronics industries and construction products and technologies.

Main programs:

Key lectures of Iranian and Georgian authorities

Organizing business meetings between Iranian and Georgian companies

Official opening of Iran Georgia Technological Interchange in Tbilisi.

Negotiation of Tripartite Contracts with Georgian Parties                    


The program is specialized as a technological event focused on high-tech products which Iranian companies with similar companies in Georgia will hold on business cooperation meetings. The purpose of this event is to develop international cooperation in the field of technology and innovation between Iran and Georgia. Its main objective is to find the proper business partner for companies in both countries. Therefore, considering the capacities of countries and the political and geographical location of Iran and Georgia, the second joint technological event will be held with the participation of 60 Iranian companies.

The focus of Iranian companies is on: treatment, medical products, agriculture and related technologies, food related equipment, electronic industry and all products and technologies related to the construction industry. Experience has shown that, considering the appropriate political conditions of both countries, Iranian and Georgian companies can have successful joint investment.

The main programs of the event are as follows:

A) Key lectures, presentations of the invitee and product presentations

Key speakers are including Iranian and Georgian authorities present at this event, Iranian market specialist products t in Georgia and organizers of this event.  Also, top10 Iranian products will be presented by corporate executives.

B) Joint business meetings and visits

Business meetings will be held between the Chamber of Commerce and Georgian Technology Park and Tootia compay in Georgia (the organizer of this event) and  also they will have successful meetings in common areas.

C) The official opening of the Iran-Georgia Interchange Technology Office

Based on the agreement which was signed up between the Yazd Science and Technology Park and Technopark of Georgia in 2017, the office of the Iran-Georgia Technology Cooperation Center will be opened in Tbilisi with the participation of higher authorities from both countries.

It should be noted that the office of this center is located in Yazd Science and Technology Park do the services including assistance to export of Iranian products to Georgia, find  the proper business partner, analysis of market survey and provides joint events between the two countries.

Georgian companies applying for this event can send their application form to and center’s experts will call them to complete the registration process.

Participation in this event is free for Georgian companies. Registration form is on site.