The campus of Humanities and Arts, as a modern breeding ground that was introduced for the first time in the country by Yazd Science and Technology Park. For a start-up company, it plays the role of a breeder. Their main purpose is to support and commercialize research findings in the humanities and arts. The result will lead to sustainable social and economic development throughout the province.

Soft technologies are the drivers of development, especially in the context of the global economy and knowledge-based economy, and without achieving it, not only the defense of cultural identity and values ​​is not possible and conceivable, but also the process of economic development will be difficult. The Growth Center plays a nurturing role in helping start-ups and young companies, and when they start businesses when they are very sensitive and vulnerable, it allows them to grow.

Due to the fact that services are provided in a centralized and participatory manner, service tariffs for these companies are low, and entering the growth center is attractive. Tariffs for services provided, including the cost of space in the growth center, are lower than the usual tariffs in the market, and the period of the presence of a company or technology unit in the growth center is limited to a few years.

Therefore, according to the potentials of Yazd city and province, with the establishment of soft technology growth center in Yazd city, the field of discovering and cultivating the talents of elites and technocrats of the region will be provided and with strategic and long-term planning, this center can sustainably develop the province And management to help the country’s economy.