The second training course for civilian UAVs was held on Thursday, December 28th in Eqbal technology center by Tosee Aseman Atrin Isatis Company.

According to the park’s public relations office, the second training course on organization of civilian drone was held on one-day basis, in which 30 enthusiasts participated from Yazd, Shiraz and Ghaemshahr.

Flight safety regulations, flight rules, UAVs technical principles were among the issues raised in this educational course.

On the sideline of this training session, a meeting was held with the presence of the secretary of the civilian drone team, the deputy of the provincial security forces, the representative of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the head of the union of the photographers and filmmakers of Yazd, the head of the guilds mobilization and the representative of the Yazd Governorate, the owners of personal UAVs and they discussed authorization mechanisms for UAV owners and its necessity for government organs to follow the authorization mechanisms and to obtain the flight license.

Furthermore on Friday, Azar 8th, a civilian UAV pilot training test was held at Yazd University Flight Path and qualified pilots will receive pilot’s degree from Iran Air and Space Industry Union.

It should be mentioned that Yazd Tosee Aseman Atrin Isatis as the representative of the Iran Air and Space Industry Union in Yazd province in the field of unmanned flight systems and automated pilot software, has launched its activities since 1994 and is located in ICT Center of Yazd Science and Technology Park.

  • July 21, 2018