The first gathering of innovation elements of Yazd province will be hold
The head of YSTP announced the holding of the first gathering of innovation elements of Yazd province in May.

Mohammad Mehdi Lotfi, referring to the discourse of “innovation eco-system” in the development of the country, called the holding of this provincial event an important step in promoting and developing the literature of innovation and technology, the decision-makers in the province. He pointed out that in the field of innovation and technology development, all organizations have responsibilities, as the axis of technology development in the province, is trying to form the main elements of the innovation ecosystem for the first time. Gather and discuss development strategies in collaboration.
Mr.Lotfi considered the cooperation and support of university experts, executive managers, and activists in the field of technology and entrepreneurship in the province as a great condition for success in holding this event as much as possible and added that in order to successfully implement this program, its executive secretariat located in Iqbal Technology Center Contact number +983537260105 is ready to receive valuable suggestions and tips from all interested events.

  • February 17, 2021