The second festival for identifying and empowering top ideas (Shetab), held by Yazd technology and science park in Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, ended on 12 December.
Quoting Yazd’s park of science and technology, the second national festival for identifying and empowering top ideas (Shetab), is divided into three stages. After the designs are judged by the arbiters, those with the necessary scientific, technical, and entrepreneurship qualifications are chosen and then enter the second round of competitions. In the end, teams with top ideas can present them in the research and technology week festival and the final contestants will be chosen by the judges and attendants.
1278 ideas were sent to the festival this year and after the screening by the judges 130 of them made it to next level. Then their numbers were reduced to 32 ideas that were eligible to compete in the final round. The winners were announced and glorified on 13 December with the other chosen contestants in the festival.
The most important goal of the festival was to provide the grounds for identifying and empowering thinkers and introducing their invention so that it can become a commercial product needed in the country and enter the free market competition in the form of a tech corporation.
All ideas presented in the festival are judged based on creativity, maturity, production capability, added economic value, pervasive use in society, solving problems of the community, and the ability to compete in world arena.
All the owners of nominated ideas will be given financial and intellectual support to develop and implement their ideas.

  • July 22, 2018