Dynamic Business Solutions Company (Sorena) started its activity in 2012 in the field of technology development and transfer and commercialization of technology and knowledge-based projects. This company was selected as a broker in 2015 at the same time by launching the techno mart in Yazd province.

YSTP officials visit Sorena Company (Yazd Techno Mart - Broker)

Coinciding with the anniversary of the opening of the regional market in Yazd province, Mohammad Mehdi Lotfi _the chairman of YSTP_ along with Shahram Shokouhi _vice president of technology and innovation_ and Taghi Farhangnia _the director of ST Pardis_ visited the company.

YSTP officials visit Sorena Company (Yazd Techno Mart-Broker)

Mr. Olumi_CEO of Sorena Company_ while presenting a report on the activities of Yazd Bazaar Technician, said:
consulting in the field of market and commercialization for more than 110 technology companies, holding 80 technological events, and identifying more than 111 industry needs were such as these activities.